Eden Technology offers the best technologies and solutions to manufacture:

– Bridges and viaducts
– Tunnels
– Dams
– Ports
– Prefabrication

through the study and the realization of machines designed and manufactured according to the specific Customer’s requirements such as capacity, class of utilization and environmental conditions:


Launching gantries:

beam structure, usually truss beams or box beams, for the construction of bridges and viaducts made of pre-stressed concrete or steel elements (beams or segments) both as full span and span-by-span system or precast girders.

Cantilever Hoist:

equipment used for the cantilever launching of bridge elements

Loading platform tyre cranes:

diesel-hydraulic or electric self-propelled system, controlled by remote control or cabin. They can be just a platform or a tailor-made crane depending on the element to carry.

Single or double portal tyre cranes:

equipped with diesel-hydraulic or electric self-propelled system. They are equipped with lifting hooks or other devices studied according to the Customer’s requirements relevant to the product to carry.

Gantry crane:

with portal structures, with possible lateral overhangs, running on rails. It is equipped with lifting points that are defined according to the Customer’s specific requirements

Overhead crane:

structure travelling on runways and equipped with lifting points to be defined according to specific requirements.

All our equipment are designed and manufactured according to the client’s requests of dimensions, capability and standards