High-energy-saving-up innovative project of Mobile Gantry Cranes working without the hydraulic complications

Eden Technology had the task of increasing the energy efficiency of the Mobile Gantry Cranes and of reducing the plants complexity. Therefore, the Company developed the idea of a machine equipped with full electric systems: lifting, translation and steering are supplied by a battery kit or on-board generator.

The new model machine, which has been patented, is called EVA and introduces two absolute innovations:

– The whole motorization is electric-powered
– The steering system is actuator free and does not mount conventional steering mechanisms

This results in an average saving on energy of 18% up to 22% compared to a conventional hydraulic mobile gantry cranes, an overall reduction in the various systems and installations fitted, savings on running costs and improved reliability thanks to the use of simpler components that become full electric.

The traditional machines use a diesel-powered engine to activate the hydraulic pumps pushing the oil of various circuits; the pressed oil activate the hydraulic engines that allows producing the movements required, but converting the energy of diesel engine to hydraulic energy produces a very lower output compared to convert the diesel to electric energy.

The high-energy performance of the new EVA range is ensured by a diesel engine that produces electricity through an alternator. The electricity generated directly supplies the electric engines used for lifting, translating, lighting and cross-moving cranes.

A further advantage is the lack of hydraulic piping, running through the machine structure. The outcome is no inconvenient like messy oil leaks, source of costs of maintenance as well as a problem for the environment. Moreover, the assembly and disassembly time of the equipment is remarkably reduced.

Every steering action is controlled in the cabin using a standard joystick. Compared to conventional machines of this kind, the bogies (wheel groups) do no mount pistons, rack and pinion assemblies, bearing drives or other mechanisms for steering, but use the same electric engine that drives the translation.

The machine that makes your company greener!


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