Nuestras máquinas se aplican en sectores diversos dando respuesta a las necesidades de movimentar cargas:

– En el interior de una fábrica
– Entre diferentes procesos de fabricación
– Del interior hacia el exterior
– En el exterior para carga de camiones
Las máquinas pueden ser con alimentación autónoma, diesel o eléctrica, sobre neumáticos o carriles, y se estudian siempre según las especificaciones del Cliente.
Los principales sectores de utilización son:
– Energías renovables, en particular sector eólico para la movimentación de las góndolas, palas eólicas y las torres
– siderurgia
– logística industrial (movimentación interna, externa, carga-descarga de medios de transporte)
-Industria en general

They can be diesel or electric self-supplying machines, on tyres or rails, and designed according to the Customer’s specific requirements.

They are mainly used for:

– Renewable energies, in particular Aeolian energy for handling of nacelle, Aeolian shovels and towers.
– Iron and steel industry
– Industrial logistic (internal and external handling, loading-unloading of means of transport)
– General manufacturing industry

The type of frequently used machines is the outcome of a tailor-made study that considers different points, such as the real and possible elements to lift and move, capacities, classes of utilization and environmental conditions of the Customer’s project.


Low Carrier:

a diesel-hydraulic or electric self-propelled loading platform tyre crane, which can be controlled by remote control or cabin. It can be just a flat loading platform or a tailor-made crane according to the element to carry.

Mobile gantry crane:

Single or double portal straddle carrier on tyres equipped with diesel-hydraulic or electric self-propulsion system. They are provided with lifting hooks or other devices studied according to the Customer’s needs concerning the product to be carried: a typical application is the spreader with magnets to move steel products.

Gantry crane:

with portal structure, with possibility of lateral overhangs, that travels on rails equipped with lifting points defined according to the Customer’s specific requirements.

Overhead crane:

structure that travels on runways and equipped with lifting points to define according to the Customer’s specific requirements.

All our equipment are designed and manufactured according to the client’s requests of dimensions, capability and standards