Eden Technology offers equipment for lifting and moving crafts, designed according to the Customer’s specific requirement to carry out the haulage, launching and positioning of the crafts in the best safety conditions, as fast as possible and taking up a reduced space.

Our products:

Marine hoists:

self-propelled machine for the haulage and launching of boats (starting from the sailing boats to the yacht of whatever dimension) on tyres, that can be on:

– dedicated dock or
– embedded slope and/or
– at variable track for the optimisation of the available areas

Marine hoists Trollift:

marine hoists with adjustable track able to optimize the crafts warehousing in the available areas

Trolleys for the moving of boats:

self-propelled trolleys for the moving of boats of any size

Gantry cranes, tower cranes and other special equipment.

All our equipment are designed and manufactured according to the client’s requests of dimensions, capability and standards